Curl Creek Cannabis sues Helix Extract for breaching processing agreement

By Kayla Johnson | The Chronic | Sept. 1, 2020

Curl Creek Cannabis, LLC., has filed a lawsuit against Helix Extract, LL., alleging a breach of contract in excess of $3.2 million dollars.

In paperwork filed on August 19 in the Tulsa County District Court, Curl Creek has accused Helix Extract of breaking an agreement to process and sell over $3 million worth of cannabis in early October of 2019. After the flower was picked up by Helix Extract for processing, the flower apparently was processed and sold as agreed. However, Curl Creek Cannabis was never paid for their product beyond one payment of $30,000, and nearly a year later, proceeded to file suit.

This court filing is among the first of its kind for Oklahoma's cannabis industry, and comes at a time when the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has started to crack down on businesses, processors and growers that are potentially damaging to the industry with fraudulent business practices.

We've reached out to Curl Creek's legal team, and Helix Extracts as well, for any statement they want to give on the situation, and as we learn more, we'll share it here as always.

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