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Cannabis Crossing US-Mexico Border

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | published August 26, 2021

California-imported weed leads to a booming market in Mexico rather than traditional sources. The WAPO source said that the demand for American weed exploded. He added that it is aspirational to many clients as they want to be seen smoking the best stuff which rappers brag about.

As an example, Josh Bubeckowner of the Urbn Leaf cannabis dispensary estimates that some 55% of his customers are Mexican nationals. He admitted that nobody can grow cannabis better than California.

For many years, legalization advocates in Mexico argued that the country could easily establish a widely profitable cannabis industry but legalization came faster to parts of the US like California.

Mexico’s supreme court struck down laws that criminalized the cultivation of cannabis for personal use but have not yet approved legalization that would allow a commercial marijuana market to be set up.

On the other hand, Mexico still struggles with the task of setting up a legal framework for a plant that grows like a weed in the countryside.

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