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Can I get Marijuana Out of My System Immediately?

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | November 24, 2021

You think drowning it with water and secreting it would make it go away. It is not as easy as you think. It is science. You have to know a lot more about how cannabis works and how drug metabolites work in your body. In this case, you will know how to detox fast but not immediately. There are plenty of myths, proven or otherwise, to pass a drug test. It is more important to know how to really get marijuana out of your system and be clean.

The compounds that are brought about by smoking weed turn into metabolites. Metabolites are cells that stay in the body until they are expelled. It is true that metabolites leave the bloodstream through the bladder, bowels, and sweating. The active ingredients are cannabis and cannabinoids. Cannabis can get stored in the fat. It can stay up to 30 days or longer and therefore there is no immediate clean-up of the system when it comes to marijuana.

So how long will marijuana take to leave your body? This is one difficult question to answer because the speed of metabolites exiting your body will depend on the type of drug, amount taken, frequency of use, general state of health, overall body fat, lifestyle, and metabolism. It is not guaranteed that drug metabolites will exit the body immediately. Cannabis is detectable in the urine if you are an average user up to 3-5 days and 30 days for chronic users or with high body fat.

How do you detox from weed then?

If you are a moderate user or maybe just smoking a couple of joints a week, you could be free of detection within 3-5 days. Depending on your use, you could only need a week to naturally detox. With proper detox in 7-10 days to help metabolites exit your body. You will need to eat healthily and avoid greasy, processed foods. A lot of water intake will help as it will increase metabolism and help flush them out of your body. Exercising daily helps as well because of increased sweating. Most of all, you need to cut out the frequency of your use or cut out the toxins completely like no drugs or no smoking of weed.

So to answer, you cannot do it immediately. It takes time and focuses. There are a lot of marketing products that promise the result of getting marijuana out of your system as soon as possible. The best form of detox is a natural way. It may not be immediate but it is guaranteed.

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