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Blaze it up: Snoop Dogg Gives Approval to The NBA's New Drugs Policy

Photo: TechCrunch

Snoop Dogg threw his support behind the National Basketball Association in a recent interview with ESPN's Stephen A's World. During their discussion, the iconic rapper and marijuana enthusiast expressed elation at reports that suggest weed may soon no longer be on the league’s list of banned substances for players.

In an effort to combat rising opioid abuse, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg has heavily suggested legalizing marijuana for its potential health benefits. He believes it could provide a safe and natural alternative for treating medical issues instead of relying on pills or injections which are often highly addictive.

Snoop said in the interview, "I thought about that side and how certain players have been able to have a beautiful life after sports because of the fact that they’ve been able to treat themselves."

He then went on to say, "As long as it doesn’t enhance your skills to make you play better or to give you an advantage, you should be able to treat yourself and to heal yourself."

The NBA agreement could potentially lead to the removal of marijuana from its banned substances list. This follows in line with Major League Baseball, who have already cleared medical use among players.

The NBA is considering a new era of endorsements, as players may soon be permitted to support and invest in the booming cannabis industry. With marijuana legalization spreading across America's states, this potential partnership could offer huge financial rewards for all parties involved.

Snoop seeks to draw attention to the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis for athletes. While speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he made a case for the plant as an accessible and safe alternative compared with prescription opioids which are known to be highly addictive.

Many athletes resort to prescription medication in an effort to cope with pain or other issues, but this can often lead them down a dangerous road of addiction. Without the relief they seek from these pills, many find themselves unable to withstand physical discomfort and stressors without relying on more and more drugs - creating a perilous cycle for those affected by it.

Snoop Dogg recently suggested that marijuana could be the solution to opioid addiction, as an alternative for medications like Oxycontin and Xanax. Users of these substances can form a tolerance over time which requires them to increase their dosage in order to remain under its effects; however, replacing such drugs with cannabis may reduce this risk by providing users with safer means of alleviating symptoms associated with opioids.

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