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Arbuckle FarmsGMO x Sherbet Crasher

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

By Melissa Hall | Reviews

Just as the sweltering Oklahoma sun gives little reprieve, neither does the search for the outstanding. The cream of the crop, the best of the best, the most exquisite and exceptional flower in the great state of Oklahoma is what I’m seeking this sizzling Summer. Recently, something caught my attention, and kept it until it dropped.

A strain that sounded simply amazing, and when I finally got my hands on this limited small-batch craft grow, I knew immediately I had to share it with my readers. This Seed Junky instant fan favorite has an awesome Genetic lineup that gives way to the distinctive and intense aroma and flavor. GMO x Sherb Crasher is a true hitter without a doubt. Its Chem Dawg, Durban Poison, and OG Kush lineage prove that but throw in some Wedding Cake and Purple Punch and you have an Indica Hybrid powerhouse. This quite Exotic grow of GMO x Sherb Crasher was more than done right by the Amazing folks over at Arbuckle Farms.

Known for their simply outstanding grow of the Capulator’s Cut MAC 1, among many other exceptional strains; their good neighbor reputation and being the real Boys from Oklahoma, being Oklahoma born and ran, Arbuckle Farms has been a staple in the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry since the beginning. Their highly recognizable logo can be seen Statewide in dispensaries.

It features its namesake from family land owned more than 120 years around the Beautiful Oklahoma Arbuckle Mountains. As Cannabis Culture continues to sweep over Oklahoma, Arbuckle Farms has unarguably become a top contender for some of the best quality flowers in the State.

As the farm grows bigger; expanding its indoor grow immensely, planning to add an outdoor grow for concentrates, and with plans on getting into processing soon, their quality has done nothing but dramatically increase. Being selected as testers for Capulator and Tiki Madman verifies the farm’s quality output.

Now, back to that GMO x Sherb Crasher. If you are not familiar with GMO, it’s popularity has made it desired on every shelf. True GMO lovers may tell you that a really well grown GMO’s Aroma should be almost offensive. With a dank, deep literal Garlic nose, GMO will certainly make an impression, whether you love it or hate it. So, taking that pungent GMO aroma and crossing it with the fruity Purple Punch and gassy Wedding Cake gives way to a much lighter aroma with the GMO x Sherb Crasher.

Almost sweet but with that relevant GMO presence, this GMO cross balances out the heavy and light in the aroma and flavor department. The flavor of this powerhouse is right in tune with that dank aroma, sounding like a fruity and garlicky nightmare of a desert, but tastes Heavenly. You will not forget the scent or flavor of this GMO x Sherb Crasher, you may even dream about it.

The bag appeal of this instant fan fave is impressive, to say the least, with the GMO being prevalent for sure. Elongated buds are Olive green while wearing a thick healthy coat of cream to white sparkling trichomes, with purple notes flashed throughout the buds and winding, fiery orange hairs that blanket the bud surface.

This grow gives way to be a true exotic grow due to the meticulously perfect looks on this girl. The cure on the GMO x Sherb Crasher is just as impressive and is done with nothing less than pro status by the guys at the Arbuckle farm. This one will catch your eye but possibly keep your heart. Aside from that insanely unique aroma and flavor, gorgeous bag appeal, and almost perfect cure, the effects are what will put this cross in the top of anyone’s favorites.

GMO lovers are usually known to be experienced Indica smokers, for good reason with testing up to the low 30’s in THC in some instances, GMO is always a go-to when you want that power hitter. This cross does not disappoint with its heavily leaning Indica effects. Great for pain and insomnia, along with many other conditions, its high potency makes this a go-to when in need of heavy medicine. This heavy hitter also lifts mood, making it a choice for patients that suffer from depression and anxiety, and also fatigue. This uniquely dank delight is one you do not want to pass up if you are lucky enough to come across it on any shelf.

You may not get lucky enough to stumble upon this Arbuckle grow actually sitting on a shelf. Reported to have sold out in hours, you better be on the lookout for this one. Thanks so much to my new friends over at the Arbuckle Farm for always supplying the patients of Oklahoma with superior consistency and unremarkable quality meds. I can’t wait to see what these guys come out with next.

Always remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit.


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