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Apothecary Extracts - High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

By Melissa Hall

Back at it again, and upon recommendation of my awesome readers, I’ve decided to take another dip into the concentrate pool. It can be overwhelming to pick out your next dab. One thing is for sure when you are shopping for your sugar, wax, shatter, or badder, no matter where you're shopping you most likely going to see a familiar brand that will let you know you have found the good stuff. Apothecary Extracts has established themselves as leaders in Connoisseur Concentrates. Founded in Colorado, they strive to bring high Cannabinoid, Terpene rich extracts at an affordable price to the patients of Oklahoma. Brent McDonald, the Director of Marketing and Sales said, " we are so excited to open our doors in OK, the patients have given us such a warm welcome. We can't wait to show you what we are capable of." Since Apothecary's arrival in Oklahoma, they have made quite the impression on patients everywhere. Patients anxiously await each drop, the variety of concentrates Apothecary makes ranges from shatter to diamonds. But, one product really caught my eye.

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract or HCFSE is A product that has nearly isolated a cannabinoid, but still keeps a bit of the original terpene profile. Common extractions are known to sift out certain components, which may leave the overall product missing the real depth that is present in the plant form. I like to use the entourage effect, to explain the full spectrum. To put it very simply, the cannabis plant is made up of more than 80 cannabinoids, a variety of terpenes, and flavonoids That all work in a symbiotic manner to bring the plants unique therapeutic qualities to yield. Why this is important for a medical marijuana patient to know, we have been shown over and over again the whole plant medicine works better in the treatment of health conditions. But every cannabinoid is somewhat limited without the plant's other components present. This is one of the closest ways we can get to getting that full essence of the cannabis plant in a concentrated form.

Cannabinoids and terpenes are found on the lipid and fat-based trichomes, Which are primarily located on the cannabis flower. With over 400 compounds in the cannabis plants, many researchers still have a long way to go and finding each compound's unique effects and how they interact with each other. Full-spectrum health benefits come from the natural ratio of compounds. The therapeutic compounds including terpenes, flavonoids, proteins, phenols, and esters. The HCFSE seeks to capture and retain the compounds for patient consumption.

Now that we have had our daily science lesson, take in mind HCFSE Is definitely a top-shelf product that is favored by True connoisseurs of fine cannabis. It usually looks like a sugar or diamond extract. The terpene profile can even exceed 20%. Also, when it’s in the sugar to form HCFSE can reach over 90% or greater THC levels. The cannabinoid levels can remain at 20 to 30% also. HCFSE Provides more depth, purity, and complexity than most concentrates. To achieve this level of depth the actual extraction process uses light Hydrocarbon solutions (butane or propane) To Raw cannabis material that exact temperatures in a sealed vessel. This strips away solvents and the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes by binding to them. After that, the solvent is purged from the cannabinoid and terpene extract through a vacuum purge.

State-of-the-art closed-loop extraction systems contain the solvent used and recycle instead of letting it go to waste. This leaves you with a clean, complete product.

Apothecary is known for using advanced and clean methods of extraction resulting in a superior product. The HCFSE is clean and super smooth for sure. The texture is similar to that of diamonds, not being too sticky to handle and also having the right amount of density. These sweet, sugary little crystals provide a smooth and super Terpy taste. I was able to get a hold of the Lava Cake HCFSE, which used the flower from Alterra Wellness. Apothecary is also known for using a top-shelf flower in all of their concentrates. The aroma was not too intense, but very sharp hitting you in the face with those wonderful Lava Cake terps. Now the flavor provided a definite maximum intensity. Sweet and gassy, No matter how you consume this superior concentrate, the taste stands out and lingers long after exhale. HCFSE Burns clean at a consistent pace. The effects are intense and definitely what any cannabis lover would desire. HCFSE is a concentrate every patient should check out. Apothecary’s reputation for quality and consistency is proved with this product for sure.

Always remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit.


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