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A Recent Survey: American Attitudes About Marijuana Are Changing Versus Alcohol

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

By Therin Miller | April 20, 2022

More and more Americans are starting to think that marijuana is a better alternative than alcohol. A recent poll found out how people feel about this, with the majority opinion being good instead of bad!

Twenty- seven percent of the people surveyed agreed that it would be ideal if more cannabis was used in place of alcohol, while only 20 percent said this was a bad idea.

The majority of respondents (38%) said that they thought it would be neither good nor bad, while 15% weren't sure.

The debate about which alcohol versus Marijuana has been heating up. Some say that drinking can lead to long-term issues, while others point out how dangerous it can be while also eluding to alcohol poising.

In contrast, there aren't any recorded instances where someone overdosed after consuming marijuana alone—and this includes federal government admission on their website stating no one has ever died due to an overdose caused solely by consumption. The compounds found inside cannabis plants do show promise as treatments against various different health ailments.

The (YouGov America) poll found that 34% of Democrats think switching over to marijuana would be good, compared with 18 percent for Republicans and 27 percent among Independents.

There seems to be a clear difference in opinion between generations when it comes to whether cannabis substitutions would benefit them. When asked about their thoughts on the matter, more than 34% of people aged 30-44 said that they believed an improved alternative was worth exploring while only 17 percent among those 65 years old or older agreed with this sentiment!

Whether you're a fan or not, it appears that states, where cannabis is legalized for adult use, are seeing an increase in marijuana sales over time.

The state of Massachusetts is collecting more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol for the first time.

The Illinois Department of Revenue announced that cannabis taxes beat out liquor, meaning there were enough dollars available to help fund services such as education and health care.

The number of drunk driving accidents in Idaho decreased following the legalization of cannabis and the availability of cannabis in the next state over Washington according to a 2019 report published by Dr. Benjamin Hansen and released by the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University.


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