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7,000 Pounds of Pot Seized in Oklahoma Black Market Bust

Photo: OBN

In a recent operation, authorities in Oklahoma have made a major drug bust and seized an impressive amount of marijuana. The investigation into a black-market operation led to the discovery of multiple farms transporting illegal marijuana to an Oklahoma City warehouse. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has been working hard to put a stop to drug trafficking in the state, and this latest seizure is a significant step forward in their efforts.

According to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) Director Donnie Anderson, authorities have successfully dismantled over 800 marijuana farms and apprehended over 200 suspects in the past two years. The latest discovery involved the repackaging of marijuana into camera equipment boxes, which were being shipped off to New York and New Jersey. OBN officials are continuing to crack down on drug trafficking operations throughout the state.

The agents confiscated a staggering 7,000 pounds of marijuana from a semi-truck trailer on April 14th. The agency leading the investigation has made it a top priority to dismantle these groups and stop their illegal activities.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority have been working hard to crack down on illegal grow operations throughout the state. This latest bust is a testament to their ongoing efforts in tackling drug trafficking, as they were able to seize over 7,000 pounds of marijuana from a semi-truck trailer. With more than 800 farms dismantled and over 200 suspects apprehended in the past two years alone, it’s clear that this team has made significant progress towards eradicating these criminal activities.

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