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2022’s Five Newest and Strongest Marijuana Strains You Must Try!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Chronic Staff | March 15, 2022

You have no idea, which I hope you do have, the recent feat succeeded by humankind is…

Sorry to cut you there. I like cliffhangers!

If I remember correctly, yesterday or the day before that, I was really bored, you know. Coming out of a short vacay from an unwanted excursion led me to sit like a lamp for a few days. Not the sojourn I’m really wanting, but yeah, goodness, I’m back!

Well, here’s that: while sitting, I’m staring blankly on a plainly painted wall. It’s like I’m hypnotizing myself. Minutes after that, I got bored. Who doesn’t?

I’m bored, right? So it’s human instinct to be entertained and not be bored to death. Life is so short to be bored - come on now, man! People in their right mind will find ways to make fun of a mundane moment.

Anyway, I picked up my pace to open the wide-screen television, a little bit of grunt as I reached for the remote. Turned on the tv and someone left their show history on Netflix. It was the 14 Peaks streaming.

The DocuSeries focuses on summitting world’s highest mountain peaks no lower than 8,000 meters above sea level. On what seems impossible, the vision’s a little bit blurry when the team said they can do it in seven months. After seven months, they go home with the peak under their belt - they did it! As I watched it, I could not deny the magnificent display of opulence in milky-coated peaks screaming at me.

Nature is harsh, daunting, but powerful and moving simultaneously.

Well, enough of the docuseries. All I just wanted to say is that if people can taste the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world, can there be a slim chance that some of the highest potency levels for Cannabis ever be touched on local shelves? And consumed in places more than 8,000 meters above sea level too? HA!

The question lies: “What is the highest clinically recorded THC content in Marijuana this year?” We should find out. Let’s summit those peaks, go home and light it up!

Before we proceed, we want to make it clear,

What Determines the THC Content of Marijuana?

The highest THC test percentage has come from producers who can regulate the growing conditions. As a result, we may deduce that the THC content of the bud is affected by growing circumstances.

The primary component is the light source. A Cannabis zen master can generate the strongest pot in the world by manipulating the quality and quantity of light. Talk about being a deity on your pots, eh?

Because of developments in marijuana production across states, we anticipate seeing the plant with the highest THC content sooner than ever. Can 2022 be the year of the world’s most powerful weed? We hope so!


#5) Durban Kush

The lowest on this list. But, we warn you you don’t play with fire!

This Sativa-dominant strain is the product of a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban. THC levels vary but mostly sit at the 25-27 percent range. That’s why it was included on the list of the highest THC strains in 2022. It is well renowned for its sour, earthy, pine, and spice scent.

The effects are strong and forceful at first, followed by a refreshing and uplifting mood. It enhances cheerfulness and lightness, alleviating anxiety, tension, sadness, nausea, pain, and other symptoms.

#4) Banana Kush

Experienced consumers and youngbloods will love Banana Kush as much as they love Banana Split. It’s oozing with flavors, dancing along with the songs of the trichome tunes.

Banana Kush is a hybrid between OG Kush and a male Banana that has a creamier banana flavor and all of its parents’ sedative effects. The strain is well-known for its allure and potency. It's high THC percentage of 27% produces a quick high, making you feel more energized.

#3) 99 Problems

99 Problems is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain created by crossing White 99 with Stardawg. This strain is included in our list of high THC strains because it contains a high chemical concentration. The figure fluctuates between 28 and 30 percent, with some breeders reporting considerably higher percentages.

Stoners love to sample this strain, as it is the most potent entry-level Cannabis. The numbers don’t lie. If you start early with 99 Problems, you have one more problem to solve. Budtenders doesn’t recommend this strain for novice users - they might be shocked.

Again, the aroma is not a shocker. It poses a multi-layered perfume that starts powerful and rapidly transitions into a delicate and delicious sweet berries balance. When this powerful strain of marijuana enters your system, it quickly improves your mood, increases attention and energy, and boosts creativity.

#2) Pacman OG

This is another Indica-dominant cannabis strain among the strongest in the world today - and in this list. It has a high THC content of 29% and is popular among stoners. If you want to sample the strongest marijuana in the world right now, this is the strain you go with.

The scent of the strain is sweet and lemony. The flavor is earthy with lemon overtones and a strong euphoric impact that will quickly put your body into a profound state of relaxation. It then introduces a cheerful mood and a general sense of well-being.

Though it sounds so intimidating with its boxing undertones and video game character, Pacman OG is still one of the finest options for pain relief, stress relief, sleeplessness, and other side effects. It is suggested for experienced users because it is one of the strongest strains of marijuana.

#1) Grease Monkey

And that owns the center stage earlier this year is the Grease Monkey. Where are ’em crowns at? We shall not compare thy strain to the Godfather - the latter will belong on other avenues, so watch out!

Grease Monkey is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain produced from a hybrid between the marijuana strains Gorilla Glue and Cookies & Cream. It has the highest THC concentration of any flower on this list, with a staggering 31 percent. As previously indicated, this number might change significantly depending on the growing circumstances.

Grease Monkey has a potent, nutty vanilla and skunky diesel fragrance. When you smoke, the high starts behind your eyelids and extends to the rest of your body. It causes you to experience a euphoric high with soothing mental benefits. This strain treats chronic pain, nausea, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, and other symptoms.

What to expect in 2022?

2022 might hold the record for Cannabis development. Many growers push the boundaries of the plant as well as the technologies associated with growing top-notch and mind-boggling numbers. It’s all good in papers, but above all, experiencing it is king!


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