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If you're looking for an app that is constantly updated with the latest news and has interactive maps, then the Chronic app is the perfect app for you. Not to mention, our social groups allow you to directly interact with customers in a censorship-free zone. Plus, our community galleries are perfect for watching videos and posting your own product pics. And if that's not enough, we offer fair prices so you can always get the best deal. So what are you waiting for?

NOTE: All dispensaries must be licensed and able to sale in their state


  • The Chronic is the fastest-growing print and digital Magazine in the U.S.

  • Offers an interactive weed near-me map to help users find deals & marijuana-related events

  • Includes a wealth of resources on strains, cannabinoids, CBD, terpenes, psychedelics, and more

  • Includes social groups where users can connect with others and follow their favorite creators

  • Is a valuable resource for dispensaries

  • We are constantly driving traffic to the app through updated news articles and push notifications


What makes our app different?

  • Current News - that drives daily traffic to the app and interactive maps

  • Social Groups - Where you can directly interact with your customers and post videos and pic of your products along with pricing and not have to worry about censorship.

  • Community Galleries - Where users can watch videos and post videos

  • Price - We don't gouge the cannabis community and we offer fair pricing for our services so the price you get today is the price YOU always have UNLESS you choose to upgrade on your own.

Stop overpaying for Weedmaps and Leafly.

Just Out of Curiosity What Are You Paying for Weedmaps or Leafly?

Is it $400, $700, or $1000 dollars a month?

That is way too much and let me guess at least once or twice a year they come along and strong-arm you into paying high prices to keep you in front of customers. How convenient... You started paying $400 now you are up to $1000, $1500, or more.

We are not raising our prices in fact the price you pay today is the price you pay as long as you are with us. 

Here are the benefits of being listed with us.

-It is simply a pay-to-play approach: Why is this important well with Weedmaps and Leafly ANYONE can be listed even if they are not paying to be seen which means your customer also sees all the other dispensaries listed and you get drowned out by all the FREE listings. On our maps, if you don't pay you don't get listed why would we want customers being enticed by all the free listings between their locations on their way to yours?


-Price our pricing we are affordable and we are not raising the price. There is no bidding system or strong-arm tactics here just upfront and affordable pricing.


- With our premium listing you get extra features to stand out on the interactive maps, like a bigger map pin and showcasing your logo on your map pin. We also have ready-made "mobile websites" templates for you to choose from so that you can stand out and showcase your hottest deals and hottest sellers. You can actually put video reviews, testimonials, and more on your mobile website. This is important because the best way to build trust is through video. Does Weedmaps or Leafly allow you to do that?

- We drive customers to our app and interactive maps every day through push notifications and current news. Why is this a big deal? Because we are a news organization we are consistently covering the news so customers stay updated with what is going on in the cannabis industry. This keeps them coming back to our app and interactive maps daily! The average customer who uses Weedmaps and Leafly is only on the app every 19 - 23 days (according to, a cannabis tech & research firm) ONLY when they are looking for the next deal. The problem is you are only in front of your potential customer when they are looking for a deal. You should always be only 1 click away. With the Chronic App Listing, you are! 

No B.S. Pricing

Get Listed Today!

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